Our Story

Jay Japan was created by a man named Justin (nicknamed Jay) that has a passion for anime and Japanese culture. From watching anime series such as Naruto and Pokemon as a kid, learning about Japanese culture and the language as a teen, he slowly fell in love with the Japanese culture. Like a lot of people, he dreamed of going to Japan one day.

In January 2018, with his love of the culture and his hard-headed mentality, he finally reached his dream of going from Baker, Louisiana (30 minutes north of Baton Rouge) to Yokohama, Japan. His experience in Japan was surreal and he wants to go back there as much as he can.

However, in the state of Louisiana, he realized the state doesn't have their own originality of Japanese culture and anime. So, Jay created Jay Japan as a way for showcase his love for Japan, Japanese culture, and anime while staying true to his Louisiana roots. 

The mission for Jay Japan is to show the world that you can be passionate about Japanese culture and anime no matter where you are in the world, and everyone can have a passion for it as well. From average Joes to celebrities: everyone can have their feel and get closer to Japan~