Vibe Check #4 (November 2023)

Vibe Check #4 (November 2023)

Welcome to the 4th Edition of our Vibe Check! Where we mainly talk about anything dealing with anime, Japanese culture, and just everything that's on the top of our head! Let's get into it~


Check #1: Mai Watanabe's Scamming Hard

I was going through YouTube just to find out what's going on in the world, and there was this one video that immediately grabbed my attention. It was a video about an idiotic scammer from a young Japanese woman. The reason why I called it idiotic is mainly she went from making $1 million in a span of 2.5 years (in which most people barely make it to $500,000 in their lifetime) to losing their entire money on host clubs and being in jail for the romance scam. The scam itself was already bad (morally), but the fact that she agreed to an interview to describe what was the scam is about and spreading the "rules and tips" on how any other girl can do it as well makes it a million times worse. 

It was mainly funny because for someone that beat the odds on making money on something scummy like that, mostly people would at least have the mindset of "don't make yourself an easy, presentable target so you can keep as much money as you can" but we're in the day of age where people literally telling their darkest secrets and/or their crimes and wonder how the police found their whereabouts, why I'm losing my job, why my significant other left me, etc.

You can check out the entire video of what happened when you click here.


Check #2: Trillion Game

Netflix isn't in a lot of people's radar nowadays because of their controversial takeoffs and rising costs of their subscriptions, as to which I got the most expensive one so my family and I can watch our shows separately. However, it's the same place where you can find decent amounts of anime and Japanese dramas.

The one particular Japanese drama I finished watching was Trillion Game. It's mainly about a computer nerd and a street-smart dude working together to making a trillion-dollar company while going against the company they want to be hired to. It was a great show to watch, and it made me want to watch another season. 

Japanese dramas has been really nice in the past couple of year. From Alice in Borderland to Trillion Game. It makes me wonder how far and how high the popularity of Japanese drama can go to.


Check #3: IGPX Nostalgia

I was watching Toonami on a Saturday night before going to bed, and there was this series that put me back into being a child again. It was called the IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix.

It was at a similar time when I started watching Naruto, and it was really nice to see basically 10-ton machines racing towards a track at speeds of up to 300mph. Which is a lot faster than any F1 racing ever could think of, and a lot more dangerous. 

To describe what's IGPX is overall, it's mostly racing Gundams. I finished watching the first season in a span of a week, but I am going to watch their season season sometime next week.  


That's what happened on our vibe check, 4th edition. Tune in next month for the 5th and final vibe check for the year! 

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