Vibe Check #11 (June 2024)

Vibe Check #11 (June 2024)

Welcome to the 11th edition of Vibe Check for the month of June, where we talk about what's going on in anime, Japan, or anything that's on the top of our heads. Hope you enjoy reading!


#1: Tourism Boom in Japan

As of right now, there are tons of tourism from major Western countries that are heading to Japan because the Japanese Yen is getting weaker by the minute. In fact, for the American dollar, one American dollar was compared to 160 Japanese yen. Meaning tons of Americans, the moment they land in Japan, would get a big bang for their buck.

However, in Japan, there might be a chance they'll go into panic mode in the month of July or even August since I've heard they're constantly trying out new tactics of increasing profits from the tourist boom they have for not just in June but for the entire year. The most common example will be Japanese restaurants increasing the prices for English menus for almost a 200-300% margin.

The tourist boom (in my prediction) would be around for almost the entire year just to make up lost time from the pandemic. Would it be a great thing for the Japanese? Mostly no since the Japanese are struggling to make ends meet as the Japanese yen is getting weaker and weaker.


#2: Japan and American Football

As a person that's interested in not just playing but watching sports, there are some instances that certain made you have to rub your eyes to see what you actually saw. 

The Japanese American Football national team defeated the US American Football 41-20, which was a complete surprise since American football is mostly our bread and butter for right now.

When I saw the news article, I have to rub my eyes a couple more times to see if that's actually true. Everyone on social media trolled to say who's on the roster and they want to give them a talk on how they lost to Japan.

It's not that Japan is bad at American football, it's just not that popular compared to association football (or soccer) and baseball. The last time I heard about the Japanese American football team was when I watched a full game of Japan-USA a couple of years ago.

I was honestly really surprised as to how much they've grown in the past couple of years. Now I know that because they're young kids going to college that it doesn't really count, but seeing how popular American football is to America, it should be a common thing to play really well.

I wonder what it'll be like if American football will be a part of the Olympics and Japan-USA game would be there. Now that'll be a lot more interesting.

Check #3: Upcoming Anime Series

Now that June is ending, the progress has been catching up a bit. As of right now, I am finished with Wind Breaker and Viral Hit since their seasons are coming to an end. For Demon Slayer, they have their final episode for the season coming as soon as I think. 

The one thing that I didn't even realize at the last minute was the BLUE LOCK movie that just came out on June 28th. I was strolling along in Barnes and Noble and realize the movie banner of BLUE LOCK: Episode Nagi.

I was honestly surprised that I completely forgot all about it since BLUE LOCK is one of my favorite anime series for this year. I even kept reading to the English manga ( the Portuguese manga had more chapters but I don't know any Portuguese). So since it was a really bad timing, it's best for me to take that L and wait until it's available online.

In the month of July, the only two anime series I can't wait for is Oshi No Ko and Dress Up Darling. However, I wonder which one I would be able to anticipate more: the deal of Ai Koshino or the romance between Goujo and Marin Kitagawa.

The month of July would be really interesting to watch some really good anime~.


That's all for this month for Vibe Check. Not a lot of stuff happened until the final week of June, but tune in by the end of July for the 12th edition of Vibe Check~ 

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