Uncovering the 5 Most Underrated Tips about Going to Japan

Uncovering the 5 Most Underrated Tips about Going to Japan

Japan, a country steeped in tradition yet pulsating with the relentless rhythm of modernity, offers a tapestry of experiences that often go unnoticed by the casual traveler. Beyond the well-trodden path of cherry blossom viewing and the neon-lit streets of Tokyo, there lies a wealth of subtleties and hidden gems that can transform a simple trip into a profound journey.

To truly embrace the multifaceted nature of this enigmatic land, one must delve deeper into the nuances of its culture, the intricacies of its etiquette, and the unspoken treasures that await those willing to explore with an open heart and curious mind.

Here, we will unearth five of the most underrated tips that can elevate your Japanese odyssey from memorable to life-changing, offering insights that guidebooks often overlook and locals might assume are common knowledge. These tips are not just travel hacks; they are keys to unlocking the subtle artistry and deep-rooted customs that define Japan's unique allure.

1. Pre-Travel Research

Gather Knowledge about the Country

Going to Japan for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. With a long history and complex culture, it helps to gather as much knowledge as possible about the country before your trip. Doing research ahead of time will help you better understand local customs, etiquette, transportation, food, and more. Here are some tips for pre-travel research:

  • Read up on Japanese history and culture - Even a basic understanding of Japan's past and cultural values like modesty, politeness, and harmony will enrich your experience.

  • Study some basic Japanese phrases - Knowing a few key phrases in Japanese like "hello," "thank you," and "where is the bathroom?" can go a long way.

  • Look into Japan's public transportation - Familiarize yourself with the railway system, subway lines, and bus routes of the places you'll visit.

  • Research top destinations - Make a list of the must-see highlights and hidden gems you'd like to visit. This will help with planning.

  • Watch travel videos - Videos give a helpful visual perspective of the locations you'll be visiting.

  • Connect with travel blogs/forums - Reading about other people's firsthand experiences in Japan can provide valuable tips.

  • Download helpful apps - Apps like Google Translate, Hyperdia, and Japan Travel can assist with translation, transit, and navigation.

Doing thorough research before departing for Japan will make you a more informed, prepared, and respectful traveler. You'll get more out of your trip by understanding cultural nuances and having a better sense of what to expect. Embarking on your Japan journey armed with knowledge will lead to a smooth, meaningful visit.

2. Acquire a Japan Rail Pass

Maximize Savings on Transportation

One of the best ways to save money and maximize your time in Japan is by getting a Japan Rail Pass. This special pass allows unlimited travel on all Japan Railways trains, including high-speed bullet trains and limited express trains, for a fixed period of time. Here's why it's so useful:

  • Saves money - Individual shinkansen tickets are expensive. The pass allows unlimited bullet train rides at a fraction of the regular cost.

  • Covers wide area - The pass can be used to travel to and from cities all across Japan.

  • Bypasses ticket lines - Having the pass means you won't have to waste time waiting in ticket lines at stations.

  • Provides flexibility - You can take as many trips as you want during the validity period.

  • Ideal for tourists - Perfect for those planning to travel extensively through Japan within a short time frame.

The Japan Rail Pass must be purchased outside of Japan and activated upon arrival. It's available in increments of 7, 14, or 21 days. Do the math to determine which option makes the most economic sense based on your itinerary. Using the Japan Rail Pass is hands-down the best and most budget-friendly way to experience Japan's famed high-speed trains.

Exchange Your Money Before You Arrive

Exchanging your money to Japanese yen before arriving in Japan is highly recommended. Here are some tips for getting yen before your trip:

  • Order from your bank - Many banks and credit unions allow you to order foreign currency. Delivery times vary.

  • Use an airport kiosk - Major airports have currency exchange kiosks and ATMs after passing through security.

  • Withdraw from an ATM - Once in Japan, 7-Eleven and Japan Post ATMs accept foreign debit/credit cards.

  • Visit a bank - Japanese banks like SMBC and Mitsui Sumitomo have exchange services.

  • Exchange at hotels - Most hotels offer currency exchange, though with less ideal rates.

Getting at least some yen in advance is wise since Japan is still largely a cash-based society. Very few shops and restaurants accept credit cards. Also, exchange rates at Tokyo Narita airport or in the city are generally not as good. Arriving with some local cash ensures you can easily pay for transportation, food, or supplies upon arrival.

Familiarize Yourself With Japanese Banknotes and Coins

Take time before your Japan trip to become familiar with the local currency - the Japanese yen. Here are some quick tips:

  • Banknotes - Range from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen. Look at color/size differences.

  • Coins - Come in 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500 yen. Larger coins have holes in the middle.

  • Counting - Simpler to count coins first rather than bills.

  • Wallets - Japanese wallets have coin compartments to separate bills from coins.

  • Pronunciation - Yen is pronounced "en" in Japanese.

Knowing what the money looks and feels like will make transactions smoother. Prices in Japan are often listed without the "yen" character, so you'll need to know the denominations. It's also polite to keep your bills neat and straight. Taking a few minutes to identify the notes and coins you'll use ensures you'll be ready to shop, dine, travel, and spend wisely around Japan.

3. Plan Your Trip Effectively

Utilize the Train System for Long-Distance Travel

Japan has one of the most efficient, punctual, and reliable public transportation systems in the world. If you want to travel long distances, utilizing the train network is the best way to go. Here are some tips for using trains to get around Japan:

  • Study the railway map - Familiarize yourself with the web of train lines crisscrossing Japan's main islands.

  • Identify major stations - Know transit hubs like Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka Stations.

  • Reserve shinkansen seats - Book advance seats on high-speed bullet trains for busy times.

  • Get a rail pass - Consider a JR Pass to save money on long-distance fares.

  • Download train apps - Hyperdia and Japan Travel by Navitime are helpful for routes and schedules.

  • Look for deals - Discount rail tickets are sometimes offered to foreign tourists.

Japanese trains are punctual, fast, comfortable, and can whisk you efficiently between cities and prefectures. Trains reach destinations that are not as easily accessible by car or air. For a relaxing ride through beautiful countryside or speeding past cities on a bullet train, Japan's rail system can't be beat.

Book Accommodations Ahead of Time

Planning where you will stay during your time in Japan is an important part of trip preparation. Here are some tips for arranging accommodations:

  • Research hotels vs. ryokans - Compare amenities

    and experience at traditional inns.

  • Consider Airbnbs - These give a local experience and kitchen access.

  • Book early - Reserve at least 2-3 months in advance for the best rates and availability.

  • Read reviews - Check sites like TripAdvisor to evaluate properties.

  • Confirm payment and policies - Understand deposit requirements, cancellation fees, etc.

  • Look at locations - Stay near convenient train stations or desired attractions.

  • Compare rates - Prices may vary across booking sites for the same property.

With limited lodging in some parts of Japan, reserving your accommodations well ahead of time ensures you'll have quality places to stay during busy seasons. Booking early also locks in lower rates at hotels. Determine the number of nights you'll spend in each destination, research your options, and reserve your top choices as soon as you can.

4. Look for Discounts and Deals

Take Advantage of Free Admission Days

As an expensive travel destination, visiting Japan can put a strain on your wallet. However, there are ways to enjoy activities for free or discounted prices. One tip is to take advantage of free admission days at various attractions. Here are some options:

  • Museums - Many offer free entry a few days per month or year.

  • Temples/shrines - Some waive fees once per year or seasonally.

  • Parks/gardens - Entry is often free except during peak seasons.

  • City views - Observation decks may be free on certain weekdays.

  • Zoos/aquariums - Can find free days if you search calendars.

  • Festivals - Matsuris offer lively entertainment for free.

Also look for discount passes like the Grutto Pass for transportation and sightseeing or the Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass for free museum entries. Don't forget about student discounts too. Finding and taking advantage of free admission days and passes helps you experience more attractions on a budget. Part of the fun is discovering deals as you explore Japan!

5. Consider Eating Street Food

Try the Delicious Street Food and Save Money

Japanese street food, known as yatai, is a delicious and inexpensive way to sample authentic local flavors. At festivals, markets, and street stalls, you'll find sizzling skewers, piping hot noodles, and a huge variety of snacks. Eating street food in Japan offers many benefits:

  • Better prices - Dishes are usually 200-500 yen, much less than restaurants.

  • Variety - Find classics like takoyaki as well as regional specialties.

  • Made fresh - Food is cooked up quickly right in front of you.

  • Fun atmosphere - Stalls have an energetic vibe.

  • Local experience - Chat with vendors and patrons as you eat.

Don't be intimidated to try street food in Japan - vendors often have pictures or plastic food displays so you can easily order. Check out bustling markets like Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo or Kuromon Ichiba in Osaka to graze on all types of delicious bites as you explore a city. Eating street food not only satisfies your hunger, but also your budget!


In conclusion, a journey to Japan is an immersive experience that extends far beyond the iconic sights and sounds that are often highlighted in travel brochures. By engaging in pre-travel research, you equip yourself with the cultural understanding and practical know-how necessary to navigate this intricate society.

The Japan Rail Pass emerges as a savvy investment for those seeking to traverse the country's vast landscapes, while acquiring yen before arrival circumvents potential financial hiccups, allowing for a seamless transition into Japan's cash-preferred economy.

Planning your trip with precision by booking accommodations ahead of time and utilizing the comprehensive train system not only enhances comfort but also ensures efficiency. Embracing opportunities such as free admission days and savoring the eclectic array of street food enriches the travel experience without straining your budget.

These underrated tips reveal the layers of Japan's culture and the possibilities for a deeply personal and enriching travel story. By considering these aspects, you are more likely to return home with a treasure trove of memories, a deeper respect for Japan's heritage, and a heartfelt connection to its people and places. The beauty of Japan lies in these subtleties, and the true reward is discovering them for yourself.

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