Get Ready for the Most Exciting Manga Series of 2024 - Don't Miss Out!

Get Ready for the Most Exciting Manga Series of 2024 - Don't Miss Out!

The manga industry continues to grow in popularity around the world, and 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new releases. With highly anticipated sequels to popular series and intriguing new titles from famous mangaka, there is a lot for manga fans to look forward to.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most exciting manga series slated for release in 2024. From action-packed shonen to heartwarming shojo to terrifying horror, the top manga of 2024 has something for every fan. Read on to learn more about the can't-miss manga that you need to add to your reading list for the coming year!

Manga in 2024 - What's the Buzz All About?

Manga, the popular Japanese comic books and graphic novels continue to grow in popularity globally. The unique visual storytelling style and creative artistic designs draw in more fans each year. In 2024, the manga industry shows no signs of slowing down.

Many highly anticipated sequels to best-selling manga series are set to come out in 2024. Major publishers are gearing up for the release of new volumes from mega-hit series like Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Demon Slayer. With the gripping plots and engaging characters that fans have come to love, these upcoming releases promise to be page-turners.

In addition to sequels, 2024 will also introduce exciting new manga series from famous artists and promising up-and-coming mangaka. The vibrant characters, captivating storylines and stellar artwork are sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of manga enthusiasts.

As the demand for manga continues to increase worldwide, publishers are working hard to translate and distribute these Japanese graphic novels for fans everywhere to enjoy. Print manga sales have grown substantially in recent years, and this momentum is expected to continue rising.

With the high level of enthusiasm and anticipation in the manga community, 2024 is gearing up to be a standout year. Both loyal followers of popular franchises and newcomers to the medium have a host of impressive new manga titles to discover and enjoy.

Anticipation for the Most Exciting Manga Series

Manga fans are always eager to get their hands on the latest issues of their favorite series. However, 2024 promises to bring manga readers some of the most exciting releases yet. Anticipation is high for new volumes of smash hits like My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Chainsaw Man.

Readers simply cannot wait to dive back into the adventures of powerful heroes and fearsome villains, mysterious curses and magical rituals, dangerous quests, and thrilling battles. With action-packed new story arcs and shocking plot twists, these manga promise to keep fans breathlessly turning pages.

For shojo manga lovers, there are highly emotional new installments of beloved romance series to look forward to. New relationship highs and lows, joyful connections, and heart-wrenching separations await. These manga series will transport readers through a rollercoaster of feelings.

Horror fans are eager for the disturbing psychological thrills of upcoming Junji Ito and Shuzo Oshimi releases. With chilling new tales of terror from two manga masters, readers should prepare for sleepless nights.

Overall, manga enthusiasts simply cannot contain their excitement for all the phenomenal series slated for release in 2024. With so many can't-miss new volumes on the way, they are waiting with bated breath to experience the laughter, tears, shocks, and thrills.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Manga Series of 2024

Series 1: Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer is set to return in 2024 with a highly anticipated fourth season of the smash-hit anime and manga franchise. The new season promises to continue the epic tale of Tanjiro Kamado's quest to save his sister Nezuko, who has become a demon, and avenge the slaughter of their family.

The Demon Slayer manga series by Koyoharu Gotouge has sold over 150 million copies worldwide since 2016, making it one of the best-selling manga of all time. Fans simply cannot get enough of the series' loveable characters, visceral demon-slaying action, and emotional story beats.

Season 4 is sure to cover the next major story arc from the manga in which Tanjiro and his allies in the Demon Slaying Corps take on their toughest foe yet - the upper-rank demon Hantengu. With the Demon Slayers pushed to their limits against Hantengu's four ultra-powerful clones, the stage is set for some truly spectacular and gruesome battles.

Demon Slayer enthusiasts around the globe are waiting with great fervor for the premiere of season 4. The new episodes are certain to showcase stunning animation from studio Ufotable and a thrilling original soundtrack that will complement the hard-hitting action. With fan-favorite heroes and menacing new demons, Demon Slayer will undoubtedly be a highlight manga release of 2024.

Series 2: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia stands out as one of the most popular and best-selling manga in recent years, thanks to its colorful cast of aspiring heroes and villains with amazing superpowers known as “Quirks.” In 2024, fans will finally get to read creator Kohei Horikoshi’s 30th collected volume.

Enthusiasm is running high to see what will happen next in Izuku Midoriya’s quest to become the #1 hero. In classic shonen fashion, My Hero Academia delivers pulse-pounding action and high-stakes battles as Izuku and his fellow U.A. High students continue their superhero training and defend the world from terrifying villains.

With the Paranormal Liberation War against the League of Villains now over, manga readers are extremely curious about what the next major story arc will bring. Will fan-favorite characters like Bakugo, Todoroki, and Uraraka power up their Quirks even further? What is the connection between Izuku’s Quirk and the sinister All For One? My Hero Academia still has many thrilling secrets left to reveal!

Everything from the unique Quirks to the camaraderie between the characters, to the emotional growth the heroes undergo makes My Hero Academia a manga treasure. Volume 30 is shaping up to take the action, drama, and excitement up another notch for one of the most unforgettable superhero stories ever told.

Series 3: Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto burst onto the manga scene in 2018 and became an instant hit for its wild premise, dark humor, visceral action, and unexpected plot twists. The anime adaptation became one of the most talked about new series of 2022. Now in 2024, Part 2 of the manga is arriving at last.

In Part 1, emotionally damaged teenage boy Denji makes a contract with his pet chainsaw devil Pochita to become the Chainsaw Man, a human-devil hybrid who can transform parts of his body into deadly chainsaw blades. He uses his grisly powers to battle other devils while hunting down the fiends who betrayed him.

Fans cannot wait to dive back into the crazy world of Chainsaw Man in Part 2. The first part ended on a major cliffhanger with Denji’s fate unknown. According to Fujimoto, Part 2 will feature a whole new storyline with fresh characters and a time skip. Chainsaw Man enthusiasts are hyped to meet the new heroes and villains who will inherit Denji's chainsaw-fueled madness.

With its shocking gore, black humor, and unpredictable twists, Chainsaw Man carved out a unique place in manga fandom. Tatsuki Fujimoto's brilliantly bizarre imagination promises to deliver another grim, gory and completely engrossing saga in Part 2 - undoubtedly one of the most anticipated manga releases of 2024.

Series 4: Spy x Family Part 2

Spy x Family was undoubtedly one of the biggest breakout manga hits of recent years. The charming spy comedy/action series about a master spy who must build a fake family to infiltrate an elite school is beloved for its endearing characters, hilarious gags and heartwarming family drama.

Part 1 left fans hanging with a major cliffhanger as the spy Twilight's two worlds finally collide, threatening to upend his fabricated life with his newfound wife Yor and daughter Anya.

Enthusiasm is through the roof for Part 2 of Spy x Family arriving in 2024. Creator Tatsuya Endo's unique manga creation has clearly resonated strongly with readers. The relationship between Twilight, Yor, and Anya tugs at the heartstrings even as the missions Twilight undertakes make for thrilling espionage action.

Fans simply cannot wait to see the Forger family reunited for more loving dysfunction. With the anime adaptation bringing Spy x Family to an even wider audience in 2023, the manga is poised to become more popular than ever in its second part.

The hilarious facial expressions, wholesome family bonding, and high-stakes spy craft are certain to keep this unique series a fan favorite for years to come.

Series 5: Blue Lock

Soccer manga Blue Lock by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura has steadily built up buzz since 2018 for its riveting psychological drama about Japan striving to cultivate its next great striker.

With the anime adaptation scoring big in Fall 2022, Blue Lock kicks off 2024 with a highly anticipated second part. Obsessed with claiming World Cup glory after previous tournament failures, Japan isolates 300 of its best young strikers at the new Blue Lock training facility. They must compete in an intense, hyper-competitive environment overseen by the merciless coach Ego Jinpachi, who seeks to mold the ultimate egotistical striker.

The manga's shonen sports action and battles of wills between the talented teens have captured the reader's imagination. Star striker Yoichi Isagi emerges as a fan favorite for his combination of skill, passion, and work ethic in striving to be Japan's next football legend.

As Blue Lock's first part reached its electrifying conclusion, Isagi and his fellow players set their sights on the U-20 World Cup. The upcoming new volumes are set to chronicle their efforts to lead Japan to global dominance at long last.

With its showstopping matches, psychological gamesmanship, and captivating characters, Blue Lock kicks off 2024 as a top title to watch.

Series 6: Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku

If dark, bloody shonen action is your thing, 2024 brings fantastic news: the 2nd part of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku is on the way!

Mangaka Yuji Kaku's gritty, feudal Japan-inspired tale packed to the brim with sword fights, supernatural foes, and antiheroic leads left fans begging for more by the end of part 1.

The premise alone was enough to garner interest: Gabimaru the Hollow, once the most vicious ninja assassin of the Asaemon clan, now rots in prison awaiting execution. That is until the secretive Yamada Asaemon offers him a chance at pardon - if he can retrieve the elixir of immortality from the island of Jigokuraku. Cue Gabimaru unleashing his lethal skills against the island's monstrous yokai, villainous Taoist sorcerers, and environmental death traps, aided by the mysterious (and already immortal) Sagiri.

Gory battles and ever-increasing stakes drove part 1 to a fever pitch as Gabimaru slowly inches closer to his goal. Hell's Paradise was one of 2022's most pleasant surprises, subverting shonen expectations with startling violence and morally grey leads.

Gabimaru's quest for freedom and Sagiri's shadowy past still have many secrets left to uncover. Yuji Kaku's unique sensibilities promise to take fans back to the deadly, weird wonder of Jigokuraku in astonishing fashion when part 2 drops.

Series 7: One Piece

As the longest-running shonen manga of all time at over 25 years and counting, One Piece shows no signs of slowing down its epic tale of adventure and conquest on the high seas. Manga legend Eiichiro Oda continues to captivate fans globally with the saga of Monkey D. Luffy and the wacky Straw Hat Pirates as they pursue Luffy's dream of becoming King of the Pirates.

2024 promises to be another monumental year for One Piece as Oda sensei reaches milestone chapter 1100. Enthusiasm is always high whenever a new volume drops, but the upcoming chapters are set to cover major developments as Luffy and his crew begin exploring the mysterious final island of Laugh Tale on the last leg of the journey.

With Luffy finally achieving his long-sought goal of becoming Pirate King in 2022, the upcoming chapters are heading into uncharted waters story-wise. Readers are desperate to learn the hidden history of the world government and the Will of D. that Laugh Tale supposedly holds. And with the despicable Emperor Blackbeard also likely headed to Laugh Tale, an earth-shattering showdown awaits.

After over two decades, Oda sensei still makes One Piece reign supreme as the most creative, grandiose, emotional, and joyous manga around. The master mangaka never fails to envision new islands brimming with magic, mayhem, and captivating characters.

As Luffy’s ultimate adventure races toward its conclusion, 2024 is sure to deliver some of One Piece’s most gobsmacking game-changing moments.

Series 8: Attack on Titan

Manga sensation Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama will reach its long-awaited conclusion in 2024, capping off over a decade of heart-pounding action and inventive world-building. Set in a medieval world overrun by man-eating giants called Titans, the dark fantasy epic has enthralled global audiences with its masterfully crafted twists and turns.

Volume 34 ended on a major cliffhanger with the Titans seemingly defeated but hero Eren Yeager initiating the apocalyptic Rumbling - sending millions of Colossal Titans to wipe out all human civilization outside of Paradis Island. Friendships shattered and former allies have become bitter enemies, promising an explosive finale.

Attack on Titan ascended to all-time great status thanks to Isayama’s brilliant subversion of shonen tropes and convention. Readers are desperate to see what ending he has in store for the beloved yet conflicted members of the Survey Corps like Mikasa, Armin, and Reiner. Will humanity manage to survive? Can Eren be stopped? Everything gets resolved in 2024.

For over 11 years, Attack on Titan has delivered non-stop dread and excitement as it raises thought-provoking questions about human nature through visceral Titan combat. The manga that redefined what shonen could be promises a finale as devastatingly epic as the journey that preceded it.

Series 9: Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers has captivated millions since 2017 through its thrilling tale of 26-year-old Takemichi Hanagaki traveling back in time to his middle school days on a mission to save his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana from death at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Through courage, determination, and loyalty, Takemichi rises up the ranks of the gang to eventually become its leader as he continually loops back to change the future. The manga’s themes of redemption, friendship, and finding purpose resonated strongly with readers.

The anime adaptation greatly boosted Tokyo Revengers’ popularity in 2021. Now Part 2 of the manga promises to deliver the final act in Takemichi’s quest to challenge his fate and forge a positive future.

With the Tokyo Manji Gang heading into all-out war with their rival Black Dragons, the action is sure to reach an incredible fever pitch. Beyond the gang warfare, fans are invested in seeing Takemichi ultimately achieve his goal of creating an idyllic future with Hina and their friends.

Takemichi has clawed his way into readers’ hearts through selfless sacrifice, and he deserves to savor the sweet taste of victory. The final brawl for the future begins in 2024’s Tokyo Revengers Part 2!

Series 10: Dead Mount Death Play

For manga fans craving something away from the normal mainstream

fare, Dead Mount Death Play offers a wonderfully bizarre and creative dark fantasy tale that subverts isekai expectations. Mangaka Ryohgo Narita, author of Durarara!!, and artist Shinta Fujimoto finally return with Part 2 in 2024.

The premise instantly hooks readers: centuries ago, the legendary sorcerer Polka Shinoyama pledged their soul for the power of necromancy. Now in the present, Polka has been revived as the leader of a powerful undead faction. However, Polka retains no memory of their mystical past life.

What follows is a supernatural action thriller as Polka battles rival undead families and ruthless human organizations to uncover the mystery of their first life’s unfinished business. Imaginative character designs, slick action, and unpredictable plot twists make the manga an addictive treat.

Fans have waited with great anticipation for Dead Mount Death Play’s return following the intriguing cliffhanger ending in Part 1. With Polka and his loyal servant Misao now hot on the trail of the sinister Doctor Lilith, while new enemies and allies emerge from the shadows, Narita and Fujimoto look set to deliver another masterclass in a weird, wild, and thrilling gothic adventure.


As we have explored, 2024 is overflowing with hotly anticipated new manga volumes from smash hit series, intriguing sequel parts to gripping titles, and promising new works from famous mangaka. Action, adventure, comedy, horror, and heartwarming drama all await in this bumper year for manga.

Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man, and One Piece will deliver the next thrilling installments in their bestselling sagas. Meanwhile, Attack on Titan, Tokyo Revengers, and Dead Mount Death Play will reach dramatic new heights. Spy X Family, Blue Lock, and Hell’s Paradise raise the bar with their second exhilarating parts.

The vibrant creativity and masterful storytelling of these manga artists continue to impress year after year. Whether you are a hardcore otaku or casual reader, there will be life-changing adventures, lovable characters, and unforgettable moments to discover in 2024’s manga offerings.

So get ready to laugh, cry, gasp, and cheer your way through another twelve months of brilliant manga! Just don’t forget to take breaks for eating and sleeping when necessary!

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