Vibe Check #5 (December 2023)

Vibe Check #5 (December 2023)

Hello everyone and welcome to Vibe Check #5. It'll be the final vibe check for the year 2023. Join use to see what's been going on in the month of December.


Vibe Check #1: Mainstream Galore

Finally, I got the chance to watch Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer. Although Demon Slayer was really good (especially the Mugen Train arc), it'll still take some time for me to catch up for the Entertainment District arc. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to catch up as much as I can until the new arc, the Swordsmith Village arc. With the timeline of the new arc starting in Q2 2024, I believe I can catch up to it.

For Chainsaw Man, it was really great to watch. The art form was new to me but the characters were funny and the fighting was fun and interesting to see. There were some sad deaths for me to see, but I am waiting for the second season to come through!

The next series I would try out is Spy X Family! Hopefully, I get to finish both the two seasons and the movie by the end of January.

Vibe Check #2: Coverage of Foreign Streamers

Hearing the constant news of foreign streamers giving a hard time for the Japanese people will always break a lot of people's heart that genuinely love the Japanese culture. Despite that, there would be that handful of foreigners that would do something so idiotic that it would make the people that are coming to Japan having a hard time trying to fit it.

From walking into an women's only train car as a foreign male to doing a handstand in the Shibuya crossing, there are just constant videos of foreigners acting a fool in a country where tons of international people want to go to.

The sadden thing is those same people that are doing those stupid antics in Japan don't really have a hard time going into the country whereas the people that are genuinely passionate about going to Japan having a hard time to even find decent plane tickets to go, let alone hotel accommodations. 

Hopefully, the people of Japan and good-minded foreigners help tame the errors of hooligan foreigners to make the visit to Japan a lot more peaceful.

Vibe Check #3: Expectations for Anime 2024

Mainly my expectations for anime 2024 would be to immediately watch BLUE LOCK second season because it'll introduce Shindo and the start of the rival between Shindo and Rin. Plus, after BLUE LOCK, I would definite be watching Oshi No Ko to see how Aqua can find new roles to get closer to who killed his mother Ai Koshino, plus seeing B-Komachi perform sounds and looks really cool.

The next one would be to catch up as much anime series as I can such as Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Spy X Family, among other series that I bookmarked and didn't get the chance to watch. Since some series would be about 12 episodes, it might not take some time to finish some of the series, let alone a season.

There might be other new and upcoming series that are coming out for 2024 that I would love to check out, so I'll keep in touch with all the series that I've watched throughout the year.


That's all for this Vibe Check. I want to say thanks so much for reading the vibe check for the year 2023, and I wish everyone a happy new year~!

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